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luka said:
i have a feeling, based on living in the colonies for three years, that you only have culture if you live in a depressing shithole like england. if you live somehwere where life is good, like new zealand or canada, you don't need to bother with that bollocks.
i share that (no doubt misinformed) opinion. did culture have any influence on your decision to come back to the motherland?


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what do you mean no doubt misinformed! it's the truth! i had a number of reasons for coming back, culture was in there, but it was right at the bottom of the list.


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music week said:
Canadian growth after six years of decline
19 January 2005 - 15:13:39

The Canadian music industry has experienced its first year-on-year sales increase since 1998, according to newly released figures.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association (Cria) says the total number of shipments of CDs, singles, DVDs and VHS in 2004 increased by 5% on the previous year. The total value of sales, meanwhile, was up by 1%.

The gap between volume and vale is put down to a fall in CD prices. Figures are based on net shipments by Cria members to brick and mortar retailers.

“The artistic output last year was nothing short of brilliant,” says Cria president Graham Henderson. “The labels produced a near miraculous result with innovative marketing techniques amid record levels of piracy.”
i take it all back canadian music and culture is right up there with the uk

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mpc said:
where's the snow?

i want the snow.
A couple of my mates took some pictures of our third blizzard in 7 days. Those drifts are comparable to the ones in my driveway yesterday. Environment Canada says that, in total, 64cm (just over 25") fell in approximately 14 hours with winds gusting up to 100km/h.

The skiing is fucking awesome.


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with envy. UK weather (in the south esp.) is mawkish and soupy these days. No bite. No snow. No fun. :mad: