Ex-FC Barcelona star Neymar is "already a problem in Saudi Arabia" where he has clashed with manager Jorge Jesus and left new club Al-Hilal "not happy" with his performances according to El Nacional.

After his showing in a 1-1 draw in the Asians Champions League against Navbahor, however, Al-Hilal's owners have reportedly been left disappointed by Neymar...

Neymar is being questioned for looking much "slower, clumsier and more predictable than usual" according to El Nacional.

I guess if you spend a billion pounds on a player then you're entitled to expect a certain return and fairly quickly too, but if they are really on his case after two games, in one of which he set up two goals... probably just newspaper gossip... hopefully.


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'The UK government has admitted its embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office in London have discussed the charges levelled at Manchester City by the Premier League, but are refusing to disclose the correspondence because it could risk the UK’s relationship with the UAE.'