eskimo dance?


captain easychord

uh-huh. it's also in watford (getting home from watford + 3AM = ????) still gonna check it out though.


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silverlink has a train back to london at either 2 or 6.00 abouts. dont quote me on that, but its only 20 mins to euston. its a 20 min walk to watford junction. thats yr best bet.


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me and my stepbruv will probably go. whats the actual date. is watford on the stratford branch of the silverlink?


Darned cockwombles.
Only eski dance I went to, there was the whole thing about 'no hoods/no caps/proper shoes' etc, but half the people there were in hoodies and trainers ;)


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watford is on the silverlink metro service running out of euston (on the birmingham line!). however you can get a quick train from willesden junction to watford, so you could get a train stratford to gospel oak (right?) then change to silverlink to willesden, then another silverlink to watfrod. that is, if you like silverlink loads! other wise, the best thing is to get to euston, unless you are north west london. the trouble with the in-london bits of silverlink (ie richmond-woolwich, stratford etc) is they have a shit service and end early at night. so i reckon whereever you are in london, get to euston, get the train up (trains northbound run till about 1.30), then get one back fomr 4.10 onwards, every 20 mins or so. only takes 25 mins to get back to euston. for some reason the last train in the night is a 0.41 back to euston, instead of a 2.00. that sucks, but make it an allnighter!

there is a tube in watford as well, but dont know what time thats starts/ends. takes about an hour i think.


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bun-u said:
do you need tickets?

er yeah i would think so. why give 'd'vinyl' records a ring in watford, market st!

you pick up some year old grime tunes there too....:S


jus for the record like.....
from our intrepid anonymous correspondent known only as "double"

dj EZ was there mixing it bwoy
doing his ting, ravers wuz hype,
bare sexy gurls, dancefloor fullup

wiley, crazy titch, JME mike kontroller, did a set which was grimy also merky
got buzzed, fizzled etc...
1 bashment set by s'one can't rmember his name

(returned to brikky by train 6amish btW)