Jay-Z is killing off Glastonbury festival

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There were loads at the time, but I never heard any. One mashed it with with Metallica's Black Album and I've a feeling 9th Wonder did one too, though I might be confusing it with the Nas one.

all the answers are here: http://arts.guardian.co.uk/features/story/0,,1265802,00.html (first article i ever wrote for the graun, woo)

my personal favourite is 'the slack album', which is jigga versus pavement. the lazy guitars and rhythms are great with his flow.

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i guess i just ignore kanye as a person/artist cos i'm not very interested in him - i lost interest after college dropout.. should i investigate his recent albums?

If you have recently ingested something highly toxic and/or poisonous, and you are afraid that unless you eject it immediately you are likely to die before you can reach a hospital, then yes.

That draino will spray all over the opposite wall like a jackson pollock painting.


pass the sick bucket
god when i was at university all students seemed to (badly) ape casuals circa 1985 and oasis got played all the time as a kind of hedonistic anthem for drinking cheap booze too.
i hated university - students and britpop created some kind of fucked semi aggressive culture of all the shittiest most boring aspects of british leisure time.

@luka called out as a student in 2008! how will he recover from this?