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Someone said to me years ago as I was getting into Tarkovsky, avoid the S's. In other words Stalker, Solyaris and The Sacrafice. I thought that was mad back then as they seemed to be the best ones. Well turns out tastes change and I think the chap may have been right.


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Just watched "mirror" and it's good. Possibly the best 9ne I've seen so far. Wish I had a spliff with it. The chopping and changing is good. And the wfies bun.


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I watched a bit of the mirror last night. Just caught it in passing and was sucked in for a moment.

Visually it was amazing, and not the content of whats on the screen, though that was good too, but the quality of the image. It sounds stupid to say but it was like they had some magical camera. I dont really know what it was about it in particular but I dont think Ive ever seen a film look better in that way. Maybe it just struck my mood and Ill watch it again and the effect will be lessened, it was really striking in the moment