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re juke and jungle/grime, i think itd be different if there was a functioning "jungle" scene full of producers trying to better each other, but theres not, jungle is more of a kinda retro or historical form, not really a scene, so the only way theres gonna be an interesting interpretation is if it comes from the juke scene, Rashad had some tracks from a couple of years back when he was playing in the uk that definiely had a drum and bass/jungle influence, not so much with breaks but with more melody in the bassline giving it a jungle feel.

as for grime, i think its because jukes more sample based so there can be tracks taking loops from anything and juking it, where as grimes not so much, a big influence on grime has been trap (for a while now) which has a similar percussive sound pallet, but grimes less about the loops,and if you changed the tempo it wouldnt be grime.

i think a lot of the time when genres get mixed like these juke jungle crossovers its basically not quite as good as either...



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The juke/jungle/160 thing, like the rest, is better done by DJs innit.

That's where the magic happens. Blends you would never thing of producing
here's a juke/footwork/jungle mix I recorded recently, threw a fair amount of juke/jungle hybrid tracks in there along with a few classic jungle tunes. plenty of "regular" juke tunes as well

stream/download here

1) Sarantis- Fool Moon Juke
2) Raggo Flame- Partner Fucked Up (Leatherface Remix)
3) Mike G- If You Love
4) Fracture- The Limit (VIP)
5) Genotype- Toxic
6) Warlock- Ghetto People
7) Stingray313- Sentiment
8) Ital Tek- Solar Sail
9) Dream Continuum- Giv A Lil' Luv
10) Dillinja- The Angels Fell (SNCD Juke Remix)
11) Traxman- Turn Around
12) Lil' Durk & King Louie- #IGetPaid
13) Cadenza- The Darkest Hype (Phillip D Kick Remix)
14) 618 Footwork- Child of The Ghetto
15) EQ Why- Ghetto Booty 773
16) J-Majik- Arabian Nights
17) EAN- Aulderkincher
18) Falcons- Nigeria
19) LTJ Bukem- Music (Peshay Rework)
20) Actraiser- Lost In The Jungle
21) Roy Ayers- Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Machinedrum Edit)
22) Traxman- Funky Block
23) DJ Paypal- Why
24) Deft- The Count (Bounce)
25) Monolithium- Sleeping Beauty


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I think that Dream Continuum release is a cruel teaser of how good jungle/juke could be... I've not heard anything else near it's level.

I realise it was Om Units progression from the Phillip D Kick releases, I'm hoping he can magic up some more work of that calibre. I agree the Philip D Kick experiments certainly were dull.


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that psuedogeddon mixtape is like the most boring interpretation of any of this music yet. It's just so fucking dry, no hype, no energy.

leeavvveee it slackk mate! pseudogeddon's sick! no energy compared to what? jungle breaks and footwork beats sound great together! and the samples are all wicked! dj fresh mix is a particular highlight IMO!

and what's dry about a darkside bit of free futurism dropping on the day of the end of the world? inspired. and some real gems inside. love it! won't hear any other spin on it ;)

nothing AT ALL wrong with phillip d kick either. in fact fracture referenced him as a direct starting point for his juke jungle inspired bits, and they're all brilliant too.

all the mutant stuff reminds me of all the stuff that the bug said about 'micro dub infection' - because it's something new the footwork virus just keeps spreading! no need to be too much of a purist, even if the chicago stuff is where the madness is at. at least people making footwork using jungle bits is new!

not a million miles off loefah sampling 'truly dread,' or pinch's 'punisher' using an ed rush sample...probably get beaten up for saying that, but still...


i would also like to hear some mainstream pop artist do some footwork sort of thing. im sure someone will work in some footwork drums into some pop hit soon enough. or some salem or gang gang dance will be messing around with it, if they havent already.

I came across a Beyonce 12inch, an official one like, in a Dublin charity shop with a Gantman juke remix on it. I can't find it on Youtube.

This is from his soundcloud:

Gant started doing assistant production with grammy award winning remixer Maurice Joshua on R&B group Destiny Child remixes which landed him his breakthrough remix in 2005 making Gant the first Juke producer to have a Juke remix on a major label with a major artist with his official remix of Beyonce's "Check On It" feat. Slim Thug on Sony/Columbia Records. The Juke remix era was now official with hundreds of Juke remixes of Hip hop and r&b artists, underground and major.

This might be it here. Not great to be far to it, and sort of that older juke sound, closer to ghetto house really.

For those who are interested in the dance scene, there's a show that's been airing on cable access TV in Chicago filmed at BGz. They have a youtube account as well and upload the eps there.


Hyperdub is releasing a 4 track Rashad EP in march which should be awesome.

Anyone know the release date for the Manny n Rashad show EP on LitCity trax? I also heard Phil is gonna be putting out an EP sometime soon, but I'm not sure who's gonna be releasing it or what the date is.


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earl released an ep on movel not long ago, not really feeling it though. matter fact, i don't remember when a movel release has ever made a real impression on me.

on the other side, rashad and manny got some serious heat coming out in the next months on lit city; i'm very curious about their use of jungle and bmore aesthetic, but i hope they won't become just a 21st century jungle pastiche. from what i heard, they have a really healthy attitude towards using stylistic influences and are really inventive. their release schedule is well thought out, too imo

i think traxman will release the second album on planet mu, and there's an arpebu collection upcoming in a couple of months on planet mu, as well

perhaps there hasn't been so much hype about it in europe as there was in the last year or so, but i think that's a good thing. this trap thing moving attention away from footwork will only allow it to develop better.

but it's interesting, though. there have been many good producers around making footwork, that have connected with a much more calcinated strain of dnb. it's as if they have somehow forgotten footwork is basically house music...


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jacking my own swag again etc but if you actually want to hear authentic and upfront juke and footwork music IN A CLUB in london tonight then come to we buy gold -
dissensus bwoy gremino playing under his future acid bounce alias BOI-A-GUTZ and pure darkside post-dnb footworking going off as well from the man like FRACTURE (for those that don't know he does footwork jungle stuff now taking inspiration from phillip d kick and it's really really good)