anyone got a dl link for that rpboo mix? i never have time to listen when i'm somewhere with a wireless connection


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I've asked this before but didn't get a response really. Apart from this being one of the best battles I've seen - especially King Charles and the guy with the blue shoes are simply incredible - the music is amazing as well. Could anyone help ID all of the tracks played in this vid?

Also, check out the kid in green that enters at around 4:12 in this vid:

@yyaldrin - yea that's one of my favorite videos from BGz... some of the best dancers in the city. Off the top of my head -

DJ MC - I'm Feeling High
DJ MC - They Say they Run the South
RP Boo - The Opponent

That "We gettin' slapped" track is huge, but I don't know the name of it. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's a Traxman joint.

Anyone been listening to the WNUR sets? Rashad and Earl are broadcasting right now and going in on a lot of new shit. Earl, Phil, and Heavy-D did one last week that was great.

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Wow thank you DharmaEater, I've been looking for that opening track for ages. What is particularly good about it I think is that it has some kind of military feel to it, something tribal, something so fitting to what these guys are doing; battling each other. And that gliding bass is just perfect, I can't hear it without thinking of that move King Charles makes on it. For those interested, they are up on DJ.MC's SoundCloud: and . Couldn't find the RP Boo track you mentioned, you happen to have a link? And, if any of the other tracks in that vid come to mind, please let me know!

Will check out that WNUR set you posted.

Edit: RP Boo - The Opponent is gonna be on his Legacy album: http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ335
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DontWatchThat.Tv just put up this interview with AG, Hott, and Daryon from Red Legends talking about their personal history, new school vs. old school, and the evolution of moves n such.

First time I went to a battle it was a southside vs westside legends event and seeing that live in person is what got me hooked. If anyone's interested here's some crossfire footage from that event:



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*cheeky plug* london juke massive you should all come down to our regular tracks party next friday - http://www.dissensus.com/showthread...mp-Footwork-in-London...)&p=299036#post299036

it's still the only 100% 160 bpm juke & footwork party in the capital...expect to hear upfront authentic chicago tracks mixed in alongside mutant worldwide futurism, all on a proper decent rig...free on the door all night long...
if you live in London, you can't seriously call yourself a juke/footwork fan if you don't go to this night.


Haven't heard it but I really enjoyed the mix mike did so I'm definitely buying it.
New DJ earl ambient EP is really good