WIilliam Onyeabor


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So i got this

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off one of the Africa threads. Let's not fuck around - this is the greatest song ever.

So, anyone else got any tracks to share made by a NIgerian who studied film in the Soviet Union and now does work for the NIgerian government whilst owning their own flour mill?


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It was a plea, as much as anything else, I know very little. But that bit of his biog is true.

I think his stuff is out of print outside of Nigeria, but there's a link to a dl here and Better Change Your Mind is on the World Psychadelic Classics album which as linked on a thread here a while back

Edit: And x post what Luka said too


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Yeah got interested in him after hearing Body and Soul on the Supafrico label.

Apparently he was Russian educated. That's about my knowledge done.


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ah i see in fact it's coming on that comp!

last one i saw sell was about 180 quid or something.


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you can get nearly all his albums off flashtrapblog, some bit hit and miss for me but still so much character and at his best it is pure brilliance, mad respect for the guy