psychedelic west africa

  1. B


    Dan Hancock on afrobeats (not afrobeat). I was really into Ice Prince "Oleku" last year but admit I just figured an African act had finally found a way through the major label channels.
  2. P

    Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles LP Can stream the whole album here. One of the best electronic music albums I have heard in ages, every tune is wrote so well with such impressive production and song writing. 2 producers at the top of their game. Also...
  3. Z

    Radio Ngoma: African and Africanized Killer Beats

    Radio Ngoma VOL. 3 MOODY BOOTY (still no soundcloud embedding in the mixes forum?) a set for the Club. more bangin than previous volumes but not as many specials. in addition to Afro flavors such as Kwaito, South African House, and Kuduro, this includes some Brazillian and Jamaican vibes...
  4. Alfons

    Die Antwoord

    The internet went boom on these guys like boingboing put it ( youtube vids: This stuff creeps me out but fascinates me at the same time. The band members are artists and this kind of seems like...
  5. luka

    Favourite Music Theft Blogs

    i like this one
  6. hucks

    WIilliam Onyeabor

    So i got this <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"...
  7. woops

    This blog is a lot

    It deserves its own thread.
  8. B

    Where to start with Afro beat?

    ..I just finished reading the Brian Eno bio, and lots of passages relating to his love of African music. I saw a Kanda Bongo Man performance on TV recently, and was really blown away by the complex guitar rhythms and groove. Can anyone recommend any good place to start with this African stuff...
  9. V

    Deep reggae like 'Heart of the Congos'....

    I am not a reggae buff at all but I can't get enough of this at the moment. I love the disembodied chanting bits. What else is along similar mournful, mystical, meditative lines? Ta.
  10. slackk

    Awesome Tapes From Africa

    Making the assumption that this doesn't already exist somewhere here and knowing that there are some "world" music heads; great site, I have no idea what any of this stuff I'm listening to is at all and I don't really care. just got put onto this by a...
  11. T

    can we have a ysi thread

    just for contributors to link to a single track each post, rather than a rar of the entire oeuvre of sun ra or whatever, and without an obligation to contextualise
  12. haji

    Ethiopian Dog Wins Visa Lottery

    Ethiopian Dog Wins The DV Visa Lottery Before Owner Does Owner Says He "Is Finishing Paper Work for Bobby" By Alemnesh Regassa, CHEWATA's Reporter in Addis Ababa Copyright CHEWATA and, May 25th, 2006 A man in Ethiopia, who, as a joke, had filled out his dog's name and...
  13. M

    franco and mobutu

    is it true the congolese musician franco was a supporter for the mobutu regime and had a kind of ruler/vetter position in the music scene, someone me the other day and it was against everything i heard about the fellow. anyone knoe?
  14. bruno

    the late night city aesthetic

    i once lived for a year in an apartment complex, a brutalist social housing thing built in the 1960s. for all its desolation it was cheap and i was treated to a spectacular view of airplanes leaving the airport in the distance, very large windows that bled into the city. i was engulfed by the...
  15. E

    New African music

    Recently Jace/Rupture posted some mp3s on his blog of an Angolan music called kuduro. They're down now but here is his description: -------- if you need labels, it sounds vaguely like fast Brazilian reggaeton, except it's African (with all the local polyglot plurality that implies), and more...
  16. M

    African Reggae

    does anyone know how much good reggae and dub has come out of Africa? i know alpha blondys stuff but thats about all apart from a lush mp3 of a dubbed up jaws harp playing woman . any pointers or experience?>
  17. J

    Congolese Music ?

    Listening to Resonance this morning around 7'Oclock they were playing some awesome Congolese music, not sure from exactly which decade, poss late 60's early 70's judging by production. Anyway it is my new favourite sound and the best music to start the day with. I have only scant and obvious...
  18. haji

    Psychedelic Sounds of West Africa

    I got a copy of this album - i got the track listing but no other info & my goodness its' a lovely one - Orchestre Regionale du Kayes - that's a place in Mali.. & some other splendid tracks anybod know where this compilation originated??? are there any more like this??? i'd love to see the...