Films You've Seen Recently and Don't Know WTF to think


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I just watched enfant Terrible, the fassbinder biopic. Makes him out to be a super cunt. Which is troubling if you like the films, as I do.

Watcged it on this streaming service which is honestly the worst I've ever dealt with, pop ups in the middle of thd screen while you are watching.
JLG wasnt much better. i dont expect directors to be good people.


Cat Malogen
The Nightingale

a lot of rape, too much really, wasn’t expecting as graphic a representatiom as if seeing a newborn being flung to death and aboriginal genocide aren’t abhorrent enough, incorporating their depiction and influence didn’t advance anything when the leads are idiot balling and continually stumbling into each other and other people in bush land at random intervals after the preamble

I get the lead was motivated by x,y,z and dismantling colonial legacies will always be ongoing but did they have to narrow their creative endeavours down after the shock set up? Clumsy and the female lead does rock what she’s given, standout and a voice too, just never listening to a certain mate ever again about films


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Visually nothing like anything else I've seen, loved the soundtrack, etc. It was an "experience" and no mistake.

But OTOH, it was silly and dumb and left a nasty taste in my mouth (as all revenge thrillers must I suppose).

Violence is horrific, in principle (when the innocent are being killed) but is also thrilling and cathwrtic and lingered over.

It reminded me of a lot of recent films I've seen (a24 stuff) with all the colour filters and style with a capital STYLE, but feels hollow somehow.


Yesterday I watched this film called The Fall directed by Tarsem Singh who did The Cell - I think he also did a lot of commercials and music videos - two films which are famed for their lush, over the top, visuals. Some cite them as amongst the most beautiful and visually extravagant movies ever made, some say they look like extended music videos and that they have as much depth.

I think that people saying that are a little harsh and miss the point somewhat, cos the film is certainly not without meaning, it feels like a real labour of love, an attempt to do something interesting... to muse on the nature of story-telling and the differences between what is said and what is understood. The problem is more that these attempts don't really work and that the differences we see are just not that exciting.

To illustrate better what I'm saying, I should say what the film is about I guess. It's set in a hospital in LA in the early 20th century, one of the patients is a stuntman from a film who has suffered a horrific injury while trying to jump off a train on to a horse or something - he begins to tell a story to a young girl who is there because of a broken arm, but it soon becomes clear that the story telling is really a ruse to manipulate the young girl - he stops at cliffhangers until she agrees to steal enough morphine for him to attempt suicide (is that really the best way to persuade her?). The main disparity that you notice straight away is that he describes one of his characters as "An Indian" and it's clear from what he says about him - his wife is his squaw, he lives in a teepee - that he is talking about a Native American, however the girl thinks that he means someone from India, and so you get the disparity that the voice over is talking about one person and the visuals which represent the girl's imagination show another. Now I'm not saying that that is, in itself, a bad idea, it's just that I don't find it a remarkable enough observation to hang a film on.

This kind of set up - where one character tells a story and this story sort of escapes the page and overlaps with life and somehow you end up learning something real and powerful from the relationship between the two - is not really a unique one. It's roughly the same type of thing as The Singing Detective or The Neverending Story, The Blind Assassin.... in fact I'm sure that if I put my mind to it there are many many more (help me out here), and they're almost all better than this. Cos the problem is that the story that the character tells just isn't that good, the colours and locations (and there are many many incredible locations, so much so that they have the opposite of the intended effect and by the end you find yourself thinking "I can't believe they went to so much trouble just for this") can't make up for the thinness of the plot, the lack of tension and the unsatisfactory resolution of every problem they face. And seeing as this "story within a story" makes up most of the film, that's quite a problem.

And, if that wasn't enough, to make matters worse, I didn't find the interaction between that story and real world that interesting either, there is too much telling and not enough showing in the linkages and ultimately the subtle beautiful incursion of one upon the other that you need just isn't really there.
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One thing that amused me (outside of the film itself) was the fact that it seems that the main guy, Claes Bang was only really known for that before someone had the idea of taking this nerdy, almost-effeminate pseudo-academic, spindly legged shit-suit wearing gallery curator and then re-imagining him as the awesome fratricidal regicidal bad guy in The Northman. Not a criticism, I just find the idea of doing that quite strange, I guess it just goes to show if you give anyone a horned helmet and clad them only in a loincloth, tattoos and ankle length hair they will definitely end up looking like an invincible viking warrior (I tried it with myself and it definitely works).

Synchronicity is a weird thing, ten minutes ago I'd never heard of Claes Bang, now he keeps popping up

Academic geek in The Square


Psychopathic viking warrior king usurper in Northman


And on Sunday had one of those lazy "after getting fucked up" days where you lie in bed and watch telly and get Uber Eats twice, saw this thing called The Outlaws in which he turns up as a nasty bast of a drug dealer type from London called The Deacon


He looks pretty different in all of them, I'm not sure I would have recognised it was even the same guy except for the name is so memorable. I wish my name was Clash Bang.