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One thing I forgot to mention about recent trip is the dog. We think he may have got some contact high from bring next to us cos he was staring into space and then barked a little. When I was looking into his fur it was all eyes looking back at me.


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This is worth a watch. Some of the breakthroughs people have look a bit horrifying - but the after effect seems to be a (sadly often quite temporary) rebirth, revitalisation, a psychic burden lifted.

Really makes me think I've only dipped my pinky toe into psychedelic experiences. And this method of therapy, at least, seems to depend upon confronting things you don't wish to. (It's not sitting in a field thinking the world is miraculous.)


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Imagine my wheezing whiskered face cackling wiping the beer foam from my beard with the back of a sleeve


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People with MDD (depression)​


People with MDD (sometimes called ‘Depression’) needed for the study of a man-made form of psilocybin to treat the condition. You must be 18 to 55 years old, have a BMI between 18.5 and 30, and be in general good health. Vegetarians are allowed to take part in this study. The trial involves 1 screening, 1 night’s residence on our wards, 1 outpatient visit, and 5 other visit that could be done on the ward, telephone, or video calls. Study ongoing