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Fascinating mix and that is some deep study! I’m even more delighted, then,
that my piece basically got a pass.

I lived in Sketty from the age of 4 until we moved to Mumbles when I was 8.

Gwent was a Corona hot spot for a while but it has subsided a bit now; I’ve been working from home in Barry for 10 weeks anyway.
Small world. I get the more insidious nationalist rhetoric and biases, especially in the media. Education sectors can blanket ban debates too, labels get thrown around and nuances ignored, when all you really want is openness but typing it reveals the naivety. Conflict avoidant institutions exert a lot of control these ways.

Not to interject. Will bookmark the link and explore more. Quality writing.

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Thanks, Tea.

Part of me feels that way: I don’t have to pitch an angle to dickhead commissioning editors; I don’t have to rely on it to buy food and wine and pay the mortgage. It kills the ambitious, vain part of me, but that gets buried with age, unless it does actually kill you, and I’m burying it rather than let it bury me.
Fair enough.