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A thread for Lucky Jack Law to bless us with his treasures, acquired during years of fruitful adventures circling the coast of Cyprus.



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I have a guilty soft/rigid hard spot for Coldplay, btw I have fond memories of listening to some of their accoustic sorrowful songs while crying because I couldn't get my penis sucked to save my life

There was one incident (not coldplay related) where I attended a party dressed as a schoolgirl (it was that sort of party) and I projectile vomited outside the village hall before i even got inside, which somehow ruined everything for me – i stormed off, dressed as a schoolgirl, crying

I think I did actually listen to coldplay when i got back


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I've gotta say I do like that song as well. Coldplay are one of those aren't they. Yoh detest them but there's the odd good tune.


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euphoria. hands in the air moments. humanism. the dialectial pull between highbrow respectability and lowbrow viscerality. these and more are the themes we've associate corpsey. will this be the definitive statement of said values, or will new unexpected ones be foregrounded for the first time?