I’m stuck in a miserable and futile existence

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looking into it it seems they have to wear so called 'magic underwear' similar to the way sieks have to carry around a special shank. but whether they wear this in addition to regular underwear i havent worked out yet
Magic underwear - like these!



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I read that today and maybe I'm a men's rights activist but I thought if that was gender swapped the response would very different. It's actually fairly sociopathic


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you can be a hypocritical slag too, embrace it, make peace with it, say fuck it my partner’s about as sexually engaging as a pair of old socks and cheat like fuck

saying for a friend


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These things arise naturally I think because the discourse, at different points in time/from different people (sometimes the same people!) seeks to level the playing field by both holding the privileged group to the alleged higher standard of the oppressed group, while also slackening the standard applied to the oppressed group (to that level alleged of the privileged group)

So instead of standards leveling there is for a time an incoherence of standards, which at times may seem or feel swapped rather than leveled


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Guess they thought lady oy vey slag bags borderline, usual source of absurdist planks. A work pool pranks it occasionally and picks out the most backwards or righteous replies, eg about a gay partner fucking around with consent in a sort of one-sided, ultra depressing half open relationship

13 Sep 2022 11.46
Guardian Pick

Bravo Pamela.
To be frank, he’s taking the absolute piss.
Enabling him to act with such selfish entitlement (as you’re finding out to your detriment) just isn’t sexy. He’s walking all over you and nothing in your letter suggests he ever puts your needs first. You say it’s a loving relationship and clearly you’re an incredibly loving partner but does it work both ways? People show you how they feel about you by how they treat you- actions speak louder than words.
His sexual issues are his alone. Put yourself first for a change and ask for what YOU want out of the relationship. Confidence, rather than acquiescence is attractive. Why are you not enough for him? Why is he not doing anywhere near enough for you?
You’re worth more than this.

personally I’m a bit moved by the chutzpah, this is how I tried to talk to Corpsey about his Cenobitical soul tearing


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Mormons, the lot of you.

I'm enjoying an 8.4% bone-dry cider.

ok but this is why Philippa couldn't just tell that lad to wank it out of his system.

No affair, and your biological chemistry is satisfied. what's the problem? But no christians love their booze but forbid istimna.
It’s kind of a turn on really I’d love to meet this deceitful woman. I. I can empathise with her but she also needs to face up to the fact she’s being a selfish cunt

as for ‘do your best’ Pamela - vacuous! At the very least my advice would be to admit the interest in other men to spark some jealousy horn and work up from there
She’s a selfish horny bitch. Me too. But embrace the fact you’re a deceitful bastard have some self respect and don’t lower yourself and plead to be absolved or vindicated by the guardian and some wet apologist spoof therapist congratulating you on doing your best! Sickening


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i've seen this article posted in at least three bits of the internet, i feel like the people involved in producing it know what they're doing. deliberately provocative. moral outrage etc. and also pushing the reader to make and express a moral judgement. assuming any of it is remotely real in the first place, there's something about reducing reality to a short bit of text which makes it almost an art object, i don't know how else to say it, something that's not real and is more about providing an object for the viewer to think around.

internet 'dating' 'advice' is a whole genre in itself. putting a language, vocabulary, theoretic structure onto something that works based mostly on intuition and feeling.


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old territory i guess but it is at least interesting how these old social functions of condemnation, drawing moral boundaries, creating a moral sensibility, now takes place through internet ephemera. probably better than when it was for example through tradition and the qu'ran / bible etc, but possibly even less coherent.