GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

I read some quote from a psychologist about how really leaning into the conspiracy stuff offers comfort in times of uncertainty. It makes people feel like they're taking back control.
It’s one thing theY offer yes. They offer thrills too though? Thrills when things are too comfortable. I think if you want to pathologise the addiction model is useful here
Without considering the content or validity of any one theory...

It’s useful as a way to think about how and why people fall into a paranoid worldview thats bad for their health, affects relationships etc

Like addictive substances, starts off as a bit of fun and entertainment but then takes hold as a reliable effect. A repetition or compulsion that simplifies the world and makes it smaller and easier to deal with. Even if the effect comes at a cost. And the surrogate religious thing is relevant here, opiate of the masses and all that


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Slowly the cord connects addiction, conspiracy culture, depression, nostalgia, and then third finally logs in to talk about the hallmarks of fascism, and then slowly the Cantos shaped shadow in our circle will threaten to consume us all.