The Big Hello Thread


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Sorry I missed this thread up until now. Hello to all i'm a Brighton (England) based dj, promoter and digital arts student. Musically, I straddle the divide between techno, electro, acid, kraut, sublow, dubstep, minimal house and iDM :confused:


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Alright everyone. I'm from Milton Keynes in the UK and run a local music and culture mag called Howlin'. Also DJ and put on nights amongst other stuff. Stumbled on this forum but looks pretty good.
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Killhammed Aiiiii!

this looks a interesting friendly place to visit between shifts.

big up the manchester crew - big up anyone up north and the glasgow mahusive.

respect to the east end, etc.
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Hi! I'm Chewshabadoo, but my real name is Matt and I live in Brighton.

Found out about here through ILM, on which I've been a sporadic poster and lurker, since the Greenspun days. I mostly lurk here too, but occasionally I'll pop up with something mind-numbingly obvious and/or trivial to punctuate a thread.

Musically, at the moment I'm really into the tech/minimal/house continuum, but I've been deeply in love with pop, shoegaze, jungle/hardcore, post-rock, krautrock and C64 game music in the past as well as brief affairs with jazz, metal, hip hop, rnb, ambient, IDM, Punk... you get the picture, I'm sure you're all been through the same.

I've also been making music almost as long as I've followed it, usually inspired by what I'm into at the time. Check out some low-quality samples at



Is this place actually still in operation?

Last post in this thread reads as 2004 . . .

I'm . . . um . . . . from America

I was,until recently, a professor of art full time . . . . visiting artist gig, now I am an adjunct . . . I make video art and installations . . . but I am increasingly disillusioned with academic art and thought in the United States . . . I am becoming increasingly interested in making sound/art/noise . . . . vaguely rockist based . . .

My tastes range from anything to anything . . . . I will like Michel Chion right after Elvis sandwiched between Acconci, fred McDowell and Flipper . . . throw in Bach and Varese, Shepp and Ellington and you get the idea . . . hey I even actually liked what's-her-Pop-name-just-got-pregnant's big recent hit . . . forgot the name though

I love Spinoza (Heidegger and Gadamer as well) . . . I have a BA, and a strong interest in Philosophy . . . ah . . . but from many years ago . . . . anyway . . . I look forward to being here if this place is actually happening . . . . seems the music forum is the place to go . . . . so here I go


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I was fortunate enough to be at the RIUASM shindig in London last week, so I went and read Blissblog and then found this place; I'm a student in Cambridge and do a student radio show here (indie, post-punk, indietronica type stuff - nothing very cutting edge, because I don't hear as much new stuff as I'd like, and because I don't want to alienate the staion's listenership too much... (I also noodle around with making music, but there's no way in hell I'm posting that to get ripped to bits here!). Favourite band are probably Wire, despite the fact that their first three records are all older than I am; I'm particularly interested in the way that IDM and shoegaze appear to be converging at high velocity (the whole Morr Music/City Centre Offices thing). The collision should be fun to watch.


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Boy Howdy from Chicago

First off - Much respect to Matt and K-Punk for creating this forum. They were the ones that brought me in from the cold and onto this site. They are an inspiration.

Second off- Just like to say hello to some of the other people I have much admiration for - Blissblog, Gutterbreakz, Spoilt Victorian Child, Original Soundtrack and Said The Grammophone. You are all a must read every day and I would like to thank all of you for your time and love for keeping your sites up and on top of what's going on. Your love is infectious. Please keep it up.

I hope I have something to offer which might prove informative and/or interesting to anyone checking in.

Would also like to generate some friendships that might evolve from this forum. The possibility of visiting and meeting other Dissenus members is an illuminiating prospect.

So here's to a long and bright future for Dissenus and its contributors.

Best regards,



Very big thanks to those who started this forum; I arrived here via Koons and I like it here so far, though I am beginning to suspect I'm one of the few women posting so far, which may or may not be a good thing. I am a North American (I call myself this as I am technically an American but have been living in Toronto/Ontario for a long time) and I am interested in just about everything discussed here - not just music, thought, literature, etc. I am a writer, tutor, nanny and was brought up to revere music, art and books. Invariably I have a lot to catch up on and living over here puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage; I will ask questions, I will try to stir up debates and participate in them when I can. I also hope to meet other Dissensus folks here (and who knows, maybe elsewhere one day)!

I do have a blog called <a href=>Carrot Rope</a> but I don't write there so much as maintain a ton of links and quote other sources - it's more 'content management' or whatever the hell it's called, than pure writing, which I do on paper or elsewhere on the web.


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Hello everyone. I'm JoeNice.

I was fortunate enough to find this forum via Appleblim and his post of my dubstep mix from March 2005 on

Loads of friends are on this forum.....i finally decided to do the right thing and register. Not sure what took me so long. Oh well.

Adruu - thanks for passing the cds in NYC. see you tonight @ the Crazy Titch show.

Appleblim - wondering what's happening with the videotape footage from BlackMarket.....

autonomicforthepeople - mastermind of the forum. Big things goin on up North.

BlackDown - We all know who this is......

DJ Distinction - my adopted little brother. Shockingly, we look alike. Same mother, different fathers.

DubQuixote - see you next month @ Sputnik. Gonna be large ! thanks for hooking it up.

Keith P - US grime overlord...

kidkameleon - one of these days....i'll get to San Francisco. Gosh...i love that place. it's all about Calzone's in NorthBeach.

Pearsall - June me.

Plasticman - one of the djs / producers that inspire me to do what i do. Yes....I'm still gonna play THE MAMMOTH REMIX !!!!!!

hope this is an adequate greeting....


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DUBWAR -- Welcome to Brooklyn

Hola Mr. Joe Nice. I am a resident DJ at SPUTNIK and am stoked that you and your crew are en route. Your mixes are the shit. I'll be spinning upstairs (deep crate funk to golden era/underground hip-hop to dub to afrobeat to prince to just about anything under the sun that has soul and back again)...It's gonna be large...

welcome to brooklyn!

Σ-j ("sum-jay")


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hello everyone, my name is Leo and I'm an alcoholic. just kidding. I'm a graphic designer / dj living currently in Los Angeles. if everything was perfect I would be a painter and composer but for now I'll have to make do with my mac and turntables. thinking about moving to Berlin or London in 1 year but who knows which way the wicked wind blows?

This is the first forum that I'm really happy with... the thoughtful posts, interesting topics, and links to dj mixes (I'll have some up soon).

round of tequilla shots for everyone!


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wa gwan?

representing houston tx, i like long walks from my computer desk to the kitchen and back, farting basslines, big booty ho's that hop wit it, candy paint, dykes on bikes, damage control, nike, jamaica, krylon, sharpies, kitchen aid mixers, kool-aide and jung.


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West London but not into Dad House, former U75 and UK.Music.alternative poster, looking for somewhere new to post. Hello flowers, hello trees, hello board...


dga gash is reppin
wagwan peeps

hello, wagwan, safe

hi big up 2 all de users, im nu, just joined,
holla @ma thread in music, (safe :) )
and big up 2 all de reanz manz dem in WOLVERHAMPTON, an all de uva mans n gashes dat kno me.
Big up 2 ma Brehz in GLOUCESTER.
also a big big shout out 2
DGA- my crew
TDC, TNG, TYG, Younga Stakes, Higher Stakes, N neuva crew O Ye GT frm BHAM n FUL CLIP frm WEST BRUM and all dem manz up there
Nuff love 2 my Famz.

Nice 2 Join Hi Every1

X1X :) :)


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Got into dissensus through different grime posts (sdc, woebot) who introduced me to Ruff Sqwad (and I would like to thank them for that). Still waiting for Silver to post up some/one set, like you promised about 1,5 year ago!
I buy vinyl, not because I'm a DJ but s I can play them to my children in 10/15/20 years time. Good luck to the people who want to do that with cd's or mp3's.
I love grime, however my taste is leaning towards the more fine and sensitive riddims.
Soul, Jazz, reggae (think Sizzla and Richie Spice), Soulful House and classical Chinese music come in second.
I consider dancing a spiritual act, especially a night full of soulful house (jack, jack, jack your body) is a merg of mind, soul and body. I'm the best white guy dancer I've ever seen.
I live in Amsterdam but I'll be in London for a few months.
Googled for an author, can't remember who, found myself here & wanted to stay! I'd like to meet y'all, I'd stand you a round of mohitos and try and avoid getting into a fight about how Heidegger sucks...

How abt a food forum?