Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

Simon silverdollarcircle

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Just watched that Minding The Gap doc about skaters in the rust belt and it had me in bits

It's on bbc iPlayer at the moment. recommend it especially if you have unresolved family issues but who doesn't?
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We watched Clive Barker's Nightbreed yesterday. I've never seen it before although there was a terrible computer game I have played that came free when you bought an Amiga in 1992 or so I remember. Anyway, the film has a good set up and loads of good ideas - basically Lovecraft meets, um, The White of the Eye perhaps - in there but it is let down badly by an increasingly ridiculous plot (culminating in a full on pitched battle between police backed up by redneck psychos, and the deformed monsters of Midian) and also by frankly terrible make-up. Have fx really come on so far since the 90s?
But the first hour or so is good and the music (by Danny Elfman) has one or two tunes that could be Morricone if you squinted with your ears

Actually, it also reminds me a little of Les Baxter's Dunwhich Horror OST come to think of it

Oh yeah and it's got David Cronenbourg in it as a creepy psychiatrist.