Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:


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don_quixote said:
i went to see lady vengeance and liked it a lot. i was worried it didnt know where to finish, but the ending turned out to be great!
agreed. Chan-wook Park's other films in the revenge trilogy show examples of both: Oldboy has one of the most amazing ends in film history, while "sympathy for mr vengance"'s -- stil a great film -- end doesn't quite live up to the rest of its plot.

incidentally, do you think the last 3 scenes (Geum-ja Lee meets -- in this beautiful room with wooden tiles -- the child she helped kidnap as a child metamorphosing into a young man, blowing smoke; her daughter jenny waking up in bed with the fosterparents noting smoke; finally jenny as a barefoot, white-clad angle in the smoke) is about vengance (through jenny's dead) by fate on Geum-ja for the kidnapping?


Film - by Samuel Beckett

Looking forward to Lady of Vengance alright..

On a totally different buzz - saw this in an art gallery in Barcelona 3 years ago and was blown away... - funny that I had to travel across Europe to find out about it when the man himself was born just a few miles from my gaf...

Samuel Beckett’s only venture into the medium of cinema, Film was written in 1963 and filmed in New York in the summer of 1964, directed by Alan Schneider and featuring Buster Keaton. For the shooting Mr. Beckett made his only trip to America. The film, which has no dialogue, takes its basis Berkeley’s theory Esse est percepti, that is “to be is to be perceived”: even after all outside perception -- be it animal, human or divine -- has been suppressed, self perception remains. Film was edited by Sydney Meyers and the cinematography was by Boris Kaufman, both of whom were preeminent in their fields. Film was produced by Barney Rosset and Evergreen Theater.
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Beckett's 'Film' is fantastic alright...apparently, while they were making it, Beckett and Schneider realised the chair in the room had two 'eye' holes in the top part of the design and so incorporated them into the series of perceiving eyes that haunt Buster Keaton. Marvellous. Best use of animals in a short film ever too.


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tox said:
Given that the actual dancing is so interesting to watch on its own, however the footage of the dancing was so outstanding
agred. RiZe is pretty to look at.

there;s a shortage of dancing (in a generalised sense) in movies. i dont understand why. the combination of bodily movement to rhythms and film should be an explosive stylistic combination, and music videos and ballet have already paved the way for this, but it's rarely used by filmmakers. shame!


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h-crimm said:
fassbinder --------------- plague gods.
saw this a little while ago... its from the early silly gangster-film period, before the sirk conversion. so i dont expect owen to have any time for it.
but if you secretly want to watch a high brow version of a brit gangster flick but dont want to rent city of god for fear of looking like a hippy, watch this instead.
be prepared for the joys of monotonous-drawl-speaking sloth-gangsters.
ha! i quite like the munich gangsta stuff, tho obv is trounced by the melodramas in my book.

to clarify a bit, reasons why i didn't like The Godfather= it's essentially just an ultraviolent version of the 'well-made play', innit? incredibly glossy period trimmings, meticulous attention to every detail of dress and setting, psychological method acting, all as a backdrop to a really not all that interesting procession of more-or-less random slayings.
I hear the sequel is better....

oh and Film seconded- do hope it's in the NFT's Buster K season...


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you used to be able to get Beckett's Film form that WFMU ubuweb thing

but they had to take it down at the request of the copyright owners....
howwwwwwwever if your sceptical about how much truck beckett would hold with restrictions on access to work enforced by an dead man's estate you can download it from this direct link:


which WFMU forgot to take down.............................. almost as if on purpose.


Buick6 said:
TRIBULATION starring Gary busey. The most avant-garde political film making there is today.
Yeah - sounds great... :D

Appropriate for junior high youth through adult, Tribulation is a good pick for Christians to use for both entertainment as well as evangelism. Brush up on end-times prophecies by reading the book of Revelation in the New Testament, and Daniel in the Old to field questions that will be raised.


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in case people haven't noticed, czech films from the 60s are very good

yesterday i saw and unreservedly recommend-
Jan Schmidt's End of August at the Hotel Ozone

which is a staggeringly unpleasant film in which eight young women roam a post-nuclear landscape hoping to find a man, killing dogs and setting things on fire for entertainment. lots of very pre-Stalker ruined cities, vegetation overrunning baroque posits that the last piece of music to survive the nuclear holocaust will be a 78 of 'roll out the barrel', in czech

also saw and recommend buster keaton in 'haunted house'- particularly the slide to hell...


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more keaton

had never been sure of keaton, but went to see 3 short films last night including sherlock, jr. am now a total convert... brilliant physical comedy & amazingly inventive film-making... superlative


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herr crimm, it was on at the NFT, in the Pavel Juracek season (he wrote the script). i think it was the last showing, but the season is still on for the rest of the week.


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ahhhhhhhhhhhh i'm in suburban chicago at the mo' unfortunately. its all about the biggest-polish-population-in-the-world here, so down with the czesky. and there's the dark spectres of robert ebert and gene siskel hangin over chicago cinemas at all levels.

saw robert townsend and keenan ivory wayans' hollywood shuffle, heavily cut up with advert breaks, on teevee sunday night. thats about the peak of my recent viewing.

Canada J Soup

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big satan said:
recommended: grizzly man. i'm a sucker for gawping at derranged and delusional americans.
You should check out Herzog's documentary about his personal and working relationship with Klaus Kinski, My Best Fiend. Kinski is easily the acme of deranged and delusional. Best bit: when Herzog nonchalantly reveals that, during the filming of Fitzcarrraldo, the chief of the Campas Indian tribe working as extras offered to have Kinski killed for him.


Canada J Soup said:
You should check out Herzog's documentary about his personal and working relationship with Klaus Kinski, My Best Fiend. Kinski is easily the acme of deranged and delusional. Best bit: when Herzog nonchalantly reveals that, during the filming of Fitzcarrraldo, the chief of the Campas Indian tribe working as extras offered to have Kinski killed for him.
he mentions this in a manner in grizzly man
which i saw last night and thought was incredible - herzog is a master.
quite moving stuff and amazingly poetic.


Snakes + Ladders
a friend of mine kept waxing lyrical about a Herzog (short?) film called "The Green Ants",
or something similar...But I've never found anything even *resembling* that title...

...does anyone know what film I'm on about?