Where is Kodwo?


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Yeah, it's an absorbing watch for my money. The whole Drexciya thing is so cinematic, you wonder why it's not been broached before.

I should point out that the film is in no sense a documentary or a history of Drexciya. Quite the opposite.
That's great great news. A docu would be cool but limited, especially in the context of the potential for messing around with it...Great shit, hope I can get to see it soon.

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kodwo came to an event at the really free school a couple of months back organised by a friend of mine which showed a couple of films about the black panthers and 60s black radicalism, which then posed the question of what role black radicalism might play in the current british protests.. race is thus far under-discussed, and it was a really interesting discussion. only about 20 of us there, in this squatted former pub in the west end, but nice to see him there. we talked about grime quite a bit (not all my doing, i should add).

actually this was the event http://bloodbeats.wordpress.com/201...k-radicalism-a-film-screening-and-discussion/ look up 'take this hammer' online, the james baldwin film, it's streaming somewhere i think

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^ Aware this was covered in the past upthread, but does anyone know a good way currently to get hold of a copy of More Brilliant Than The Sun? Preferably without paying megabucks, though I'm aware this may be overly optimistic.

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Just bumping to give further thanks to mr Computer Rock. About half-way through the book and basically loving it to bits. The writing style is fairly dense at times - found myself rereading paragraphs multiple times to get the full meaning - but it's already introduced me to loads of amazing music that I might have otherwise overlooked. Plus the opening chapter is just an absolute booming statement that feels more pertinent now than ever. Overall I think this is the breath of fresh air I needed, not just in turning me on to new stuff but in terms of my thinking about music generally, where I'd felt for a while that I was in a dead end. :)


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shit - I was going to ask ^^^ if anyone has a copy going slightly cheaper than the amazon price please PM me, I could do with this.


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does anybody have this as a pdf or anything? really desperate to read it but its so hard to track down


We had a week of John Akomfrah/Black Audio Film Collective screenings here last Fall. Really enjoyed chatting with him after Last Angel of History. I asked him about Otolith Group's Drexciya doc and apparently he's got something related in the works.


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I remember taking the silverlink to camden road to get mine from compendium. i have a lot of time for it. i think its a great book.