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At least he didn't include the notorious 'floppy wrist' sign of Chicago's most feared (and well-dressed) gang, The Almighty Gaylords.

You are so right!

All out for WAR in their pastel-pink belted party sweaters:

Why have I not heard of these people before??


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Killing for Cardigans.

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from a fb post, Dan Selzer on his RVNG mix with Mike Simonetti:

"we did the mix in serato, saved the output and opened in up in Pro Toolz. Applied fake vinyl scratch filters so all the mp3s we downloaded off soulseek and lime wire would sound like real records. Then we used the plugin that takes a perfect mix and fucks with the beatmatching to make it sound 'authentic' and 'bad'."


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for another great piece of journalism from the guardian check:

"Skrillex": it is, as you may agree after exposure to his tracks, virtually onomatopoeic, suggestive of killing (or "krilling", which is like killing only extra nasty)
But it's weird because, as with Nero, alongside the monstrous bass and rampant rave synths, there are orchestral elements, shivers of strings and such, thus creating a sort of yob-noize/highbrow mashup effect.