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it would be good if a french girl wore it.
with a stripy jumper. white and navy blue stripes.


While I am not one of them, I admire people who know the difference between jerseys and guernseys.

I own many, many hats. The trouble is, they all make me look a total div.


Darned cockwombles.
you took the words out of my mouth - was going to ask if anyone could recommend a hat for someone who just doesn't suit hats. Cos needs must sometimes, in the cold weather.


Wild Horses
I think it's going to have to be some sort of cap, maybe a Kangol. My ears will suffer though.

I'm 6'4" - don't thhink I can pull off much else without looking like the Abominable Snowman.


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thats very daring of you oliver. i thnk you zhao and nomad are the only people who have outed themselves./


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sorry cant remember. she linked to her myspace page. if you look up tommy shanks on facebook you will see me i think.


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add me if you want me to humiliate you on a facebook soundclash thing.
undefeated and all that....


rip this joint please
unfortunately the only photo i have online of myself wearing any sort of headgear is very blurry but here we are, i am the Queen


Nomad put herself up on a thread once, or if you're her Twitter mate. Zhao's good looking mug is all over the shop, of course. most bloggers have their picture somewhere on their site too, tbf.

Luka's Facebook is full of him going on about silly things, like Yates' wine lodges.


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it also features a picture of scotty disco, craner, woebot, the lengendary sunny jim together at walthamstow resoviour