Darned cockwombles.
when i met babs a year ago i didn't sleep with him that very night but i don't remember him being un-sleep-with-able. for someone else that is. (because i don't really play for the other team)

edit: which one are you baboon? add me!

added you....you'll see what luka means when you see the pic...

speaking of which, this is unnerving. no hats, tho:

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Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please

One thing I've noticed is that women can look extremely fetching when they're all wrapped up in coats/scarves/hat/gloves/boots in cold winter weather...basically the exact opposite of the stereotyopically sexy bikini/hotpants-n-crop-top look. Though obviously that look can work too, depending on the woman.

Anything fur-lined is a definite plus point in my book.


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surprisingly fertile thread for quote mining, despite the uninspiring title.


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luka and his boss