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I think that Django is probably the best western I've seen. I like it more than the sequel which gets more props (and isn't really a sequel cos it has nothing whatsoever to do with the first one and has a different guy playing Django I think - there are about thirty more sequels along similar lines).

The scene where we find out about the coffin is amazing. Also, Tarantino took the idea for his ear-amputation scene from a similar one in Django.

In terms of Spaghetti westerns (or Paella or whatever), For A Few Dollars More gets my vote.


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wow nice one bandshell. that's my sunday evening sorted (never seen lost highway)

turns out lost highway is the film to watch with a hangover. also really annoying/clever how low voices were in the mix, had to strain to hear the dialogue and then got blasted with badalamenti


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For a week or so:


I don't know how good this is but I love most Herzog films I've seen so it's got to be worth a look.


i've since found a longer (by one hour) version of virus. according to youtube comments (which i take at gospel) this was one of the highest-grossing japanese films ever and bombed in the states. enjoy!
Wow - finally got round to watching this. It's kind of like an epidemic movie meets Dr Strangelove (though not a comedy) - two apocalypse moveis for the price of one. Though maybe they could have cut a bit out.... must have had a huge budget.
Thanks Bruno.


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ha, glad you liked it. it is excessive, but when you think of the scale of the enterprise, what today would be computer graphics and acting in front of screens and stuff like that, it's a mind-boggling human (creative) effort, even if a flawed one.


Not a film as such but it seems that all six episodes of The Singing Detective are on youtube in their entirety. I've re-watched the first two and it's maybe better than I remembered it and I remember it as one of the best things I've ever seen - so if you haven't seen it, get watching!



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cape fear... mitchum is one of the best film villains ever in this... understated and so real... plus bernard herrman's score...

when mitchum tells gregory peck (re: his daughter) "she's getting to be about as juicy as your wife", this is cutting edge filth for that era and still makes my jar drop... (and i believe had to be cut from the UK version)...



Yeah, that's really nasty. There is something so deliciously sleazy about Mitchum - he's so kind of big and fat looking with those sleepy eyes. He looks as though he's let himself go, his whole body seems as though it's dripping down from the top. Love the way he gets the girl by just saying "You've got one hour to get rid of your friends" as he's being taken away by the police. And then, er, he beats her up.


OK, finally got around to watching that Embryo film - not much cop to be honest but keep posting things please.
This was ok I guess