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Darned cockwombles.
nothing like TLBT. more like a roadmovie Wickerman. Oates makes the ordinary, extraordinary, and it's great seeing him next to Peter Fonda

The guy who made Kill List refers to this movie as an inspiration (only reason I know about it in fact)


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After loving Short Cuts and The Long Goodbye, can't wait to see Nashville by Altman. Luckily, it's available here:



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this site (incidentally jason forest aka donna summer's project) collects a lot of pretty awesome classics and other pop, sub, and general cultural curiosities... for instance there is a like 8 hour long Bucky Fuller interview in the archives.


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Presume you mean The Tenant? I highly recommend the novel it came from, by Roland Topor.

oops!, but yes obviously, I posted the film in the previous post :slanted:. I had heard its adapted from a decent book, I may check it out. I do tend to find books and films going into madness pretty compelling (if its done well), I really enjoyed The Ordeal Of Gilbert Pinfold by Evelyn Waugh. still havn't read any Kafka yet so thats a first priority!