It's great when you're straight


Cat Malogen
Did a new tincture batch recently, 50gs into 500ml of Spirytus. There’s a sweet spot for non-freezer routes, so steeped the mash at room temp for about a dozen days (rather than 7), as opposed to the frozen 15mins quick wash. Much better oil reclaim, it floats in baubles on the surface of a drink

Coffee filtered the mash out, evaporated about 100ml of ethanol off, so last night when the wind settled briefly I spooned 10ml into a cup of tea, let the alcohol evaporate and necked it. Jfc, no idea what the dose was but had to take the dog for a walk. Though if I could get my pulse up the guest would metabolise more quickly. Wrong, so wrong. It smoothed out after a shower

5ml is the sweet spot with a dropper for accuracy, all the terpenes survived = it tastes exactly as it smells


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'he looks like a boiled egg wearing spectacles'
'get a real job'
'what a cunt'

i haven't read them and i dont want to read them cos im assuming thats what they say and i dont want to end up throwing myself off a bridge just yet


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im always getting photographed and filmed and it can be quite upsetting. sometimes they make you look good but more often they make you look bad.


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people will flock to see it. i'll get a retrospective at the Tate immediately. everyone will talk about how i made them realize something deep about themselves. 25% of people will get rid of their phones immediately. it will become normal for your friends to ask your consent to have your photo taken. you can all tell your friends that you know me


is not like other people
@lemoforclemo:Wes Anderson character

@veganthatsswallows:my poem from him is literally on my wall above me rn he’s so sweet

@user3903164590307:His name is Luke Davis, he is a brilliant poet.
@laughing_foxe on instagram

@readysteadycookofficial:Hang on we haven’t seen the poems they might be shite hence why he doesn’t have a job