In fact there are a whole group of actors who seem to exist only to dwarf professional action stars and make it look as though they have no chance of winning a fight.

This guy in Sherlock Holmes


This guy in Get Smart


And in one of the Rush Hour ones there is the guy billed as "basketball giant" who is apparently SEVEN FOOT NINE according to his wikipedia

Another one of these types I saw in a terrible film the other day, this utterly terrifying manbeast was the only good thing about it


bandz ahoy
Saw Shang-Chi last night – a lot of things to criticise about it (silly storyline, inevitable giant ugly CGI battle at the climax) but the fighting scenes were brilliant. Probably the best pure action of any MCU film.

Made me want to watch The Raid again.


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this is like a squaring of the apples and wellington boots circle, does corpse approve? i'll laugh react along but i want corpse to first.


bandz ahoy
I dunno if I don't find those funny cos its me you're ridiculing but I don't think it works as well when the picture is of the actual person.

The craner ones are genius because Pinhead is the last thing he'd think of himself as, but also hints at the sadism that lurks behind his romantic veneer.

But maybe the humour of these ones is that I'm coming out with pompous quotes about Zack Snyder when I am in fact a fat, drunken piece of shit?