Wild Horses

I don't know, I was hoping people read the list from the perspective of a deep sadness and melancholy as well. not the melancholy of a lost utopia per se. did that occur to anyone?

I was out of London for 1993-1998 so I pretty much missed jungle. It's a weird gap in my knowledge that's exposed on here - I'm not superknowledgable about anything but with jungle I don't even have the starting building blocks. So to me these tracks feel new and exciting which is I think what reissue culture does with the past. Gives it a shiny new coat of paint but inevitably the lack of context leads to some errors just down in the feeling level, it'll never feel like it was to someone who "was there". I have Sounds of the Universe's new Fashion Records comp in mind - I've read some blurb and am almost sure they are overstating it's importance. Nick Drake is another one, less relevant to thread but no one had heard of him before 1999. With this in mind, i think the best thing to do is strike a bold new path.


pass the sick bucket
Has anybody compiled the playlist yet?

yes i did ollie.

barty should edit page one with the link imo, but not the list as that will make the hype a bit pointless, and that hype is all part of the magic, bigger intro than fonda rae, indeed.



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Good thread i saw one or two picks that were gonna be on my list but eh might change em i dont know

i dont think my list will be as much of a thesis statement as this but its defo more in line with my tastes

Problem with being exposed to jungle at such a young age is you dont remember the name of tunes so as much as i would like to go for some deep cuts probably not the case

not to say that i dont have that stuff elsewhere lol


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Have you had any good feedback outside of dissensus? I showed the list to woebot yesterday. He was impressed. ("It's obviously hardcore. A serious list. I've barely heard of any of this stuff")

Weschatology when do you want to do yours?


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The intro to this (my favourite discovery from this list actually this tune) isn't a million miles away from some of the most satisfyingly boneheaded 8-bar, proto-grime bits.



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i haven't got anything perceptive to say unfortunately - lotsa good tunes, hardly anything I'd heard. Which is fairly staggering to consider.

In particular, and this applies to the list but also generally - i'm always simultaneously alarmed / overjoyed when Third points out a fantastic hardcore tune that I never knew even existed. I should really have heard everything by this point, shouldn't I?


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What songs on the list do people absolutely hate, like, can't possibly understand how anyone could enjoy them? Like I mentioned the Abba and some other bits on Craners list that just ruin my day if I think about them.


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Blissblog doesn’t want to say anything in case third says he hates the disableds again

Yes well I have been fretting about this...

Is the idea that to side with functionalist dance music, against overtly dysfunktional undance, is to implicitly privilege a model of health and fitness?

Or is it that celebrating the dancefloor as the privileged site of sociality and ritual meaning – the tribal vibe center – fails to acknowledge the difficulties of accessing that space that some face, either physically or because of psychological issues?


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don't worry blissbollocks, third tells us we make all sorts of trespasses all the time.

he has a raffle with user names and wrongdoings and he just picks them out of the bowl. it happened to be your turn yesterday.

mr tea was once responsible for grime4corbyn.

corpsey was responsible for the atrocities of the british empire.

i've been responsible for every possible ill under the sun.