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to give that album a fair chance i'd have to listen at ear splitting volume and i dont think im really up for that


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no i dont really tbh, they seem nice. young Somali couple. these flats you can kind of hear every move your neighbours make.


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Craner has managed to find almost 2/3rds of third's list and put it on Spotify. I was listening last night, really great stuff. Only the odd 'obvious' anthem (whereas my top 100 would practically be a Now! CD).



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27) François Bayle -- Les Couleurs de la nuit

The depths of electroacoustics. Initially sounding like a high tech laundrette in a philip k dick novel travelling backwards in time, and then the acid hits and everything dissolves. disorienting, apocalyptic, synaesthetic, confusing. the purist distillation of his work. the cogs of virtual reality in aural form. echoes of bygone worlds.

just listened to this again. a masterpiece.