Captured this little guy during my safari in Kruger park.
He was standing in this position for at least 10 minutes i was there.
I printed this photo already and going to put it on my wall together with few more great shots from this trip.
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something amazing happened to me recently. i put a spring onion in a pint glass of water and it started flowering.


in je ogen waait de wind
everything is so extremely dry. it's only halfway august and already some trees are shedding their leaves. i long for rain badly.

on a more positive note, i discovered this absolutely beautiful lake with crystal clear caribbean like water.



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Blackberries are early this year. Folk knowledge says that presages a cold winter.

Are they ripe for picking at the mo? Over here most of them have been shriveled and dried out for 2 weeks already. Totally missed the season.

Did see something resembling a second round today though, quite a few red and green ones popping through, but nowhere near as much as the first batch


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I always associated them with the end of Aug into Sept, around going back to school time. Guess climate change has claimed another victim