What Is Your Current Vibrational Frequency?

Client Eastwood

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Angsty, restless, pent up energy like the flow is blocked but at the same time a feel of low energy. No lifeforce or motivation to do much apart from the minimum to get by. Sit down and try to focus for fifteen minutes and I’m up of by seven. Bluey grey hue tinge. Wistful. A sense of age.


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I thought it was more demented yesterday when me, Rich, Leo and Tea got trapped in the Brexit/Anvil analogy and John turned into a demon.
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must just be me then, but right you are :love: vibrational frequencies looking favorable for the bank holiday weekend


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Yeah, I'm still unsure, but it's looking like I probably will have it. I'm gonna delete that last post out of fear of jinxing it or tempting fate though.



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there's been a lot of politics on here today and yesterday, and also in the pub i just left.


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I really like my current jittery post Christmas energy. I can feel it out and about az well. There's a funny vibe I like it.


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Last week or two I've had that thing where you're not ill but you're not correct. Energy a bit low. Flat. Sense of well being gone. Don't feel real and human. Being metre is turned right down so you're hardly even here. Wake up feeling tired, eyes aching. I'm not into it. I need to feel like a champ again asap.