What Is Your Current Vibrational Frequency?


Cat Malogen
tell me about it

get about 4 and half hours maybe 6 if the planets fully align per kip, or worse when you have to double-back (20+ hours on duty) because handovers and care plans have gone awry/awol, haven’t even mentioned certain neighbours

when the kids visit family, wife and I have a treat kip for 8/9 hours, like a parallel world


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Learned about Burroughs' 'Do Easy' thing the other night and now I can't stop thinking about it if I drop anything or bump into something.

D.E. is a way of doing. D.E. simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage, which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in D.E. You can start right now tidying up your flat, moving furniture or books, washing dishes, making tea, sorting papers. Don’t fumble, jerk, grab an object. Drop cool possessive fingers onto it, like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest.