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I wouldn't say DeNiro is terrible he's just sort of there. Pacino is quite terrible but he also makes it memorable. Kilmer is also just there. Perhaps everyone else except Pacino seems like they're just there because he's just all over the place.

My MVPs: whatshisname that plays Waingro, Ashley Judd cos she's got a great ass and all the guns.


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the Wan "King of the North" Andy Burnham has decreed no fireworks in Manchester tonight, but the Salford firm and Moss Side crews are having none of that... skies are ablaze.. the people have spoken...

Happy New Year

edit; to keep thread on track, currently hammered on "kraken" rum and now that has run out I'm imbibing the Deutsche supermarket chain Rewe budget "Barbados rum" ( the best supermarket "own brand" rum I've ever sampled, a bargain at 10 euros or whatever it cost, highly recommended, easily wipes the floor when compared to rums which cost five times as much )

^ in my top ten rum list
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Just sticking with sherry and champagn, sitting around like a bump on a log while the misses whips up a fine NYE dinner.