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Shub-Niggurath, Please
Haven't slept, so I'm still just about on the ebb tide of a delicious MDMA/opium high. A late lunch of eggs, bacon and toast, glass of prosecco and a strong coffee and I feel pretty much like a jolly, seasonal Übermensch.
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Cat Malogen
don’t get NYE, last genuine chaos night was the millennium and even then local sound rigs putting on the mother of all knees ups swayed it

feels forced, imposed, you must = fun, taxis taking the piss, rammed pubs, better off with scaling it down and not even financially, not like there’s a plethora of warehouse or site alternatives unless you’re prepared to diy

a festival of light at peak winter feels rewarding, the play of colour around the city especially post-sunset has genuine charm but no bank hols until spring. think Jah Claw pointed out this paucity, when the weather and daylight are uncompromising, to which the only sane response is the 6 Nations first weekend of February as any gentleman knows
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haven't been out to a bar or club on NYE in forever, like back when I was still seeing bands play (various years with Mekons, Go-Betweens, Roky Erickson, Yo la Tengo, the Clean, Redd Kross, Soul Asylum, Feelies, Ted Leo, Golden Palominos) as opposed to dance clubs with a DJ. eventually could only tolerate NYE parties at a friends' house, but that still entailed fighting for a taxi (pre-Uber days) or wanting for subways at 2:00 am with masses of drunken louts. have just stayed home for the past seven or eight, the best choice all around.
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