Are there any podcasts you listen to?


Wild Horses
I listen to a bunch. Favourites are Conversations with Tyler - American economist who just has the smartest guests. and the British History Podcast, to fill the gaps in my historical knowledge of the UK (i.e. almost everything). Killa Kela has done some great graf interviews and F24 is good as well for that sort of thing.


Wild Horses
:A couple of short series:

"The Caliphate" (by Rukmini Callimachi)about the fall of Mosul, ISIS and the recruitment of an ISIS member is a stunning piece of journalism btw.

The first (only so far) season of Bellingcat about the shooting down of MH17 is also amazing. Both give you the thrill of that kind real crime investigation as they stack up the evidence. Bellingcat is very good for a sense of what open source investigation is and what it can do.

And this reminded me of.....

Popular Front - geeky details on modern combat and conflict, normally with very informed field researchers. He's just been in Hong Kong though I've not listened to that one yet.

I also listen to Rune Soup for occult stuff and it's usually excellent though when he talks about politics I tend to want to kick him in the teeth. Occult podcast dude believes that everything is a conspiracy, who'd a thunk it?


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Listen to them way more than music these days. Theo Von, Joey Diaz, Eddie Pepitone and Marc Maron keep me entertained all week. They're all comedians.


Wild Horses
I've found that as well, they've taken over from music. I think it's got to do with the ease of use of the platforms, and the stream of new content pumped out. Music I have to be more decisive about - think about what I'm going to listen to, get access etc.


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a lot of people here listen to podcasts during their daily train commute, when there isn't much else to do and they don't feel like reading.

john eden

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I have a deluge of them on my phone. Don’t listen to every single bit but they are good for the morning walk when I don’t fancy music. I will maybe bore you with a list sometime.


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Any time one of the youngsters here gets me to listen to one its just some stoned directionless mumbling and I switch it off.


bandz ahoy
Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend
Joe Rogan (very occasionally when he has a good guest on)
Adam Buxton
Desert Island Discs (depends on guest)
Grounded with Louis Theroux
Kermode/Mayo Film Review
Seriously (BBC)
LRB podcast
You Made It Weird
You Must Remember This


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If you stopped listening to those imagine how much more time you'd have to post on dissensus.