Are there any podcasts you listen to?


Wild Horses
We need to kill podcasts before they kill art.
There is a whole monetisation of podcasts that is kinda disgusting I agree. It's rife in the occult. Get a podcast, do a Patreon, launch membership and lessons :sick:
Someone has pointed out that these people are probably shit at magic 'cos they can't summon demons to hep them find gold and make themselves rich which is I think a strong argument.


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What if it's already dead?

I still hate podcasts. There are a fair few that are even about stuff I like, but I still can't listen for more than a few minutes. I just zone out and get irritated.


bandz ahoy
There's quite a variety of podcasts out there, to the extent that saying "I hate podcasts" seems a bit nonsensical to me.

So does the idea that podcasts are incompatible with artistry.

Craner I feel like you might enjoy "You Must Remember This". It's about stories from old Hollywood and is meticulously put together.

Saying "I hate podcasts" is like saying "I hate radio" or "I hate TV".

But then maybe I'm just being defensive cos I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to them these days.

john eden

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If people hate radio, then hating podcasts, as a medium, is understandable.

If not then it is just stereotyping I think. In the same way that there is snobbery about "self-publishing" - a field that extends from the worst self-indulgence to Martin Luther's theses nailed to a cathedral door.


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I like musical radio. What I struggle with is conversation or dialogue with no visual aspect. A filmed interview is great because watching and listening holds my attention in a way that just listening doesn't.

If I try to listen to a podcast then I've got things other than the podcast vying for my attention and I have to keep pulling it back and relistening to keep from missing things. It isn't the same with music because you don't have to follow arguments or concentrate in the same way. I can't browse the internet whilst also trying to follow someone discussing, say, philosophy the way I can whilst listening to Basic Channel or whatever.

Also, the podcasts I've tried listening to have just been quite dull. I run into the same problem as Luka of feeling they're just rambling a lot of the time.


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i find it hard to believe there is a demand for podcasts, it seems like an entirely artificial industry to me, created and listened by a few? like three or four people from brooklyn, starring in each others podcasts.


bandz ahoy
Good question. Like I said, it might be a sense of anxiety and guilt over how much time I spend listening to them.

And you might be right, in that they're certainly (by and large) designed to be passively consumed. And also can be (and I would say mostly are) consumed while you're doing something else. Even TV demands more attention.

I've definitely argued on here before that podcasts are so popular nowadays in part because of the all pervasive loneliness of modern life. I think a powerful attraction of podcasts is that when you're listening to them it feels like you're 'in' a conversation with other people – which a growing number of people are starved of.


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It didn't even occur to me that somebody might sit down in front of a device and just listen to a podcast without doing any other activities at the same time. Is that what you do Corpsey?