Are there any podcasts you listen to?


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was it? would be a hard position to sustain given ive made more posts than all ther posters put together


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i find it hard to believe there is a demand for podcasts, it seems like an entirely artificial industry to me, created and listened by a few? like three or four people from brooklyn, starring in each others podcasts.

here, I believe they are largely consumed by people when they commute to/from work or exercise. listening to something instead of music.
Apparently Bruce Springsteen has a podcast with Barack Obama, but I have yet to look into it.

edit: having taken five seconds to look into it, it turns out to be a real thing:
The SEC would be even better. Anxiously awaiting the golden age of public sector podcasts.
I've mentioned the Astronomy on Tap tradition where astronomers/astrophysicists give public seminars at bars, but really I'd like to see an Intelligence on Tap with Avril Haines and a craft porter.