Are there any podcasts you listen to?


bandz ahoy
I don't listen to so much now I'm not commuting anywhere. Often I get a backlog of episodes and it becomes a chore to get through them.

Luckily Rogan has absolutely lost it in the past year, especially since he moved to Texas. He just goes on about Covid 19 not really being dangerous and how terrible LA is.


bandz ahoy
I really struggle with audiobooks unless I'm reading along with them. But podcasts I can listen to all day, if it's a conversation between two or more people.

john eden

male pale and stale
Here is a podcast by poet Jeremy Reed in which he recalls his relationship with Coil and especially John Balance:

It is very good and includes references to both dreams and wanking but alas not cryptocurrency.

There is also an episode on Derek Jarman which I haven't checked yet.

It was a recommendation from Mark, formerly of the OKOK Society who some will be familiar with.


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Last one I listened to was a Dean Macey fishing podcast on the Guru Fishing youtube channel. Most of it is about his athletics. He's a bit of a plonker. I also listen to Chris Watson.