Good bridges (physical, musical, other) and underpasses


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They did the pillars across the road as well, this is where all that "JAKE" graffiti was that @catalog took photos of and posted upthread before the council redeveloped the subway by filling it in...


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I know that last one. That overwriting is OK, I don't mind it. I don't think whale would mind.

The best whale ever was the single line one on a bus stop on Upper chorlton Road / moss Lane east, outside the probation centre. I think it's sadly gone now.



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Rainbow Bridge, Utah

lifted from this page, Red Rock Tones: "Measurements of ambient seismic vibration sped up 25X made audible"

featuring mp3s of the natural vibrations speeded up so we can actually hear them

they've also done another page called Bridge featuring "ambient vibration recordings from rock landforms in four distinct regions of Utah's red rock desert. Seismometers are used to measure the resonant tones of these landforms, which combine to create a voice broadcast in an unending hum inaudible to humans. The ambient vibration recordings are sped up to make these infrasonic tones audible."