Linebaugh s bedroom is painted like Hogwarts castle he's dressing in griffindor themed clothes, a red and yellow scarf, he has. $200 custom made yew tree wand


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oh that might be true. I'll text u later.

for the record, linebaugh and I have both been guilty of this multiple times

we live 3 miles apart and have actually managed to meet up exactly once
we both decided to restructure our lives at the same time is why


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me and woops are going to go here soon

chicagotown baby!


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Who are the people behind Japes?

Hi, we are Jovana and Alex and we are the owners of Japes! We established Japes at the end of 2018 when we were both 26 years old. As a couple we love doing things together, and doing business is one of them. Jovana majored in economics as one of the top students in her class, and Alex was a professional athlete competing in Kayak until 2014.

retired from "professional kayaking" at age 22
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at last someone has noticed how good this place is. woops has been determinedly ignoring it for some mad reason. maybe a deep dish phobia.


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another thing ive noticed is that is somewhat related is how freelancers have forgotten how to socialise normally and be themselves. have you noticed this? they're so scared of saying the wrong thing that its only with old friends that they can ever act like a human being.