Strange British Things.


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this must be trolling, as it has succeeded in setting twitter ablaze with Brits rushing to deny they've ever seen such a thing

edit: even if it was "thing", there's no way we would eat on anything but white sliced, and what's with the "rabbit food" garnish?


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And real NYers never wait on line, that's for tourist and newcomers. Fuck that shit.


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> In a brilliant article in the FT, last September, Janen Ganesh correctly predicted that as ever the US mid term elections would be obsessively followed by the English political elite when many of the same people would struggle to name a cabinet minister in Berlin or Paris. The EU, Ganesh points out, is a regulatory superpower but our political class is far more interested in Iowa. From the perspective of a UK citizen the impact of this obsession is non-trivial. It is in fact the key to understanding the trouble we are in. The UK's political elite is so engrossed with the US as to confuse it for their own nation. And it has led the nation to act as though they too were a superpower…

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Very authoritarian country, wanting to send people to prison for lack of seatbelts and social media use


pass the sick bucket
the fact that they think there are two genders, when there are 4 at a minimum. boys, men, girls, women. all their own genders, albeit they interpellate. Stupid Anglos.

oh and sodomites are a fifth gender.
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