Strange British Things.


I'm grateful our public broadcasting network has sane kids shows like ZABOOMAFOO and DRAGON TALES so I didn't end up demented like the Brits


It's a very self-consciously odd one, the cheese rolling - people are mainly doing it cos they like to be seen to be a bit quirky and revive some daft and meaningless olde englishe rural customs (for the sake of twitstaface & the tourists)
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that website conjures some amazing scenes - e.g. imagine consuming 5kg of baked beans in under 2 minutes
@luka is a famously quick eater - that's about a dozen cans, 10 seconds per tin



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Curriculum includes:​

  • How to attract the person of your dreams
  • Building relationships
  • Career success strategies
  • Winning image. Personal presentation
  • Dress for success
  • Communication essentials. Meet and greet
  • Voice clinic
  • Confident conversation
  • Polished language skills
  • Body language
  • First impressions mastery
  • Polished movements and deportment
  • Dining etiquette
  • Understanding the nature of self-confidence
  • Finesse and savoir faire
  • Entertainment essentials
  • Domestic skills. Creating order and giving you essential valet skills that will impress and give you the skills to take charge of your life
  • Men’s issues in the modern world. Finding solutions

Reads like a list of Dissensus threads.