Last night I went to this town called Caldas to DJ in a bar/club thing there which I've played in once before. It's a really nice spot cos I guess it's maybe the only good bar in town and going there feels almost like a family party (in fact the barman is literally the owner's nephew) with all of the staff and punters knowing each other. It's closing over summer as many places in Portugal do and so he had a kinda goodbye party over two nights with a load of DJs. I didn't make Friday but Saturday was a lot of fun and at the end there was a bit with four of us playing back to back... in fact that's too grandiose a name for it, it wasn't dj-ing at that point, just taking it in turns to put on tunes, and making an effort to play tunes that seemed appropriate to an after party vibe and that were different from the stuff we'd played when we had been playing actual sets earlier.

For that kind of winding down, chilled out, but still sort of up for it time I often like to play Feuerland by Michael Rother (as I have no doubt said a million times before) and so at about 0830 I stuck it on, and then this guy from Brazil followed it up with a tune I had never heard before but which seemed such a perfect fit - in my mind I found myself unconsciously imagining a kind of parallel world with a Brazilian Neu! and the guitarist from this Brazilian Neu! going solo and releasing an album that had a track on it called Terra do Fogo - cos that was the only explanation for how it seemed to fit so well afterwards and sound so perfect. Or maybe it was just my state of mind, I dunno.

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in je ogen waait de wind
the ominous wind at the beginning, those chimes and that bassline set such a mood and i'm transformed to so many film scenes. i'm walking down new york and i'm making the world go round.

this version is quite good as well:



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Connie - Get Down Tonight ( 1987 )

I was about to write a mini essay in the "deep electro" thread about the genius of Amos Larkins II, the tangled web of labels owned by Henry "cocaine, cadillacs, and payola" Stone, and the accidental creation of Miami Bass, but I'm too drunk, so instead I'll just post this tune featuring derivative lyrics, propulsive bass, and keyboard wizardry produced by a former member of the KC & Sunshine band (edit: who was employed by Henry Stone, it's on one of Stone's many labels, all makes sense to me... ) ( another edit: I thought it was Amos Larkins II on keyboards, but actually checking the credits it turns out that it is Tim Devine who went on to play keyboards for Julio Iglesias (who may have had a son who, allegedly, had a trick called "the water of life" that involved wanking off on the balconies of 5 star hotels and splattering pedestrians with the "water of life", allegedly ))
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Distorted electric bass at the start of part two.

I love the sounds in this. That fuzz is so warm and... almost comforting. Hearing it is like being stroked or, I dunno, being lowered into a warm bath, something pleasurable and welcoming of that nature anyhow.

It makes me think of a few years back when this guy I knew vaguely (friend of a friend type thing) had made a track based around this really fuzzy distorted, er, I dunno, a distorted sound. I can't remember how it went as such, maybe sort of dubby perhaps, although I do remember that I really liked the tune and kept saying he should release it or something - but the relevance to what I was saying above is that it was called Sun Drugs and that seemed like such a perfect name cos the warmth of the fuzz and the hazy nature of the whole tune made you feel like you were sort of basking lazily in the sun, nicely, even gently, twisted. One of the most aptly named tunes I'd ever known. I want to hear it again now, I wonder what happened to that guy... I think maybe he was from Iraq perhaps... but I digress.

But the best "tune of the day; redux" we've had for a long time, thank you.