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its like when we killed the first charles and then inexplicably let the second one come sloping back to the throne


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The person who hates Choon of the Day, redux will go to hell. To hell with him. He wastes so much time to find someone's flaws and he doesn't look at his own flaws, that made him die early. Choon of the Day, redux has changed personality throughout his life and he has transformed into a Philanthropist. Now. Choon of the Day, redux is going on forever and the whiner has gone away forever from this earth


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DJ Screw /Screwed Up Click - June 27th freestyle

never gets old, for me at least, I've listened to more screw tapes than I count, but this is the track I always return to...

it's someone's birthday, and people are boasting ( self snitching? ) over the same repetitive beat, totally hypnotic, for years I thought that they were saying "kung fu" when they're actually bragging about how they "come through"...

"always on my lean"

maybe the best posse cut ever

fuck Derek Bailey, this is true improv
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