Are the Left really going to pivot on this? 😂

Are half the people on Dissensus now going to have to pretend they were 'anti-vaxxers' all along to avoid excommunication? 😂



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do I or don't I?

went to a family get together last Saturday through Tuesday, about 25 people from various parts sharing three large beach houses. one person is another house tested positive midway through and left, about eight people including me ended up with scratchy throats and runny noses in the days after we all left, yet none of us have tested positive. my symptoms are very mild, not really achy, just a runny nose and tickle in the throat causing some coughing. it could still get worse, I suppose, but I think that usually happens well before the fifth day.

wonder if I've tested negative for four straight days because my immune system, helped by the vaccine, is fighting it off and not letting things reach a detectible level.

wild guess here, but Biscuits and HMG probably have another explanation.