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Someone on the Red Scare sub posted about this nutter yesterday:

"A man in my neighbourhood is tagging boarded up buildings with the url to his website and it makes me very nostalgic for early 2000s schizo internet. None of this lazy stickering with QR codes either. He's spray painting a 6 foot url in giant yellow letters."

"DisLike White People & I'm Homophobic"

Is this Barty's Jamaican alter-ego?


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As the offspring of two wild-caught cranes, Walnut’s genes were not represented in US zoos. So convincing Walnut to breed was regarded as a priority.

Crowe, according to a zoo statement, won her over by “observing and mimicking” the institute’s male white-naped cranes’ actions during breeding season.

Videos show Crowe offering Walnut food as well as grass and leaves for nest-building materials. When he flaps his arms in front of her, the majestic tall bird flaps excitedly in response and dances in a half-circle with her head bobbing. Once Crowe had gained her trust, he was able to artificially inseminate her using sperm from a male crane.


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Kilt-wearing pervert caught shoving antique items up his bum

A makeup brush, an antique bottle opener and a tobacco tent can, these are just some of the things a pervert shoved up his bum while visiting an antiques store.

Mitchell C Vest, 60, dressed in a kilt, was caught putting them up his hole before placing them back carefully on the shelves at The Antique Gallery in Houston on February 8.
Shop manager Susan Golden couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing and told Fox 26: ‘I had to watch it a couple of times to be sure I knew what I was looking at.

‘I’ve seen quite a few things here, but not that.’
Susan phoned police on February 10 after watching back over CCTV showing Mitchell take the makeup brush and hardware piece and shoving ‘both items up his anus, then returning the items to the shelf’.

But later that day he appeared at the nearby Curiosity Shop and decided to put a tent can and bottle opener up his hole too.
All the items had to be thrown away by both shop owners because they had gone up Mitchell’s anus.

Other horrified antique dealers soon realised he had been to their shops too.

By February 15 the whole thing had escalated because police received complaints from ‘multiple concerned citizens’ about Mitchell who they said was ‘observed selecting items from multiple vendors and placing the selected items in his rectum’.

‘The male was then observed removing the items and placing them back on the shelves,’ Constable Mark Herman said.

‘Due to the loss of multiple antique items that had to be disposed, constable deputies obtained a warrant for his arrest for the offense of criminal mischief.

‘Deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s special operations unit then located and apprehended Mitchell Vest for his criminal mischief warrant.’

Mitchell was arrested by police on February 15 and charged with one count of criminal mischief.

But police are still on the hunt for a female companion who accompanied him.


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was wondering how a woman overpowered a man then it just drops in the transitioned part right at the end of the article to clear up the mystery.

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I hadn't even read that far. It's not hard to imagine how certain other news outlets might prioritise the facts in this case.

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Let's Talk About Ceps
You need a login for the paper to read the story but I think you can get the gist of it well enough from the headline.


Particularly nasty one, this:

I don't know why the feminists are up in arms about this one. If the odd woman here and there turns out to be a teensy bit stronger and more forthright than her sisters, is it not a good thing to keep the menfolk on their toes?


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Always wondered if it feels weird to sit down when your ass is like that. Is it like wobbling around on top of a water bed or bean bag? Ridiculous.