I thought the other day that you'd been quieter than usual. sorry to hear, mixed, feel better.
Thanks, man; it's just my dumbass migraine that drags on with sundry sensitivities and incapabilities for weeks after an attack, as I had at the start of the year. Got to see a specialist as it's somewhat unusual.


Cat Malogen
@woops happy birfday

i raise a Farley‘s rusk
freshly dunked in milk,
aloft in glorious porpoise poise
still hours from dusk.

Hearken the day in
May Herne guide your being,
through augured forests
of booze avenues.

Rivers boil deep
over vertiginous cliffs steep,
delirium cocktails regale
lost deeds of tavernas tales.

If I was free
today you would see,
a life behind quotidian grind
purge the mind for Dionysian debris