Films you've seen recently and would recommend WITH reservations

Ian Scuffling

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have u watched true detective s2? hes great in it. his character shares lots of wisdom
That's one I would recommend with reservations, but those reservations pretty much just boil down to pacing issues and the finale is on par with the best parts of s1 and successfully differentiates itself. The back half makes the mess of the first half (and most of Taylor Kitsch's character) worth it.


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Walker (1987)

With reservations because the humour and how on the nose it is will rub a lot of people the wrong way, but recommended because it's bonkers, Ed Harris is great, the score's top and the whole thing's just an incredibly ballsy move on the part of everyone involved.

Luke might like it purely on the grounds of Craner likely hating it. Imagine Oliver Stone directing Blazing Saddles...



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most of the new arthousey films ive seen have all been dissapointing on some level.

samsara - this made me decide slow cinema is just not something i care about anymore. some beautiful imagery, but amateur acting/scripting, somewhat dull/uninteresting anthro POV, and a two part structure that makes sense if you think about it outside of the film (in ref to the theme of reincarnation), but watching it was just a disjointed, and dissapointing experience.

the delinquents - starts off great, an off piste, playful, amusing bank robbery movie, with some nice existential stuff about work, but then loses it after the halfway mark (its three hours too), when it just gets really indulgent, and doesnt care about doing justice to any of what happened or was raised in the first half. should have been 2 hours max.

not sure i should stay a member of the ica any longer.