My current frontrunners for top 100s


Cat Malogen
Who’s next? Gus is deliberating his expansions further out of emo dross into performing Grateful Dead covers, in short lived high school jam band ‘Sugaree’, no less. What next?

@version your invites usually cue a response - Friday night Bill Kent rum, rhyme and raising sound system roofs? Rich has record boxes enough to hit the leaderboard out of sight, who wants it, whose crates buckle with killers? Does a Droid ton exist? Mvuent? Shiels? Leo won’t be in town for this period so there’s a raft of highlight opportunities missed. Jenks is usually busy, Cinemenic has only listened to 6 tracks during his entire life, no offence to very long list of omissions and Tea’s a bellend

It’s a lethal mission ridden with wormholes, a mythological labyrinth yearning to eat you alive. You’ll ask your memory ‘wtf was that track?’ and entire information retrieval systems will fail returning yet another blank. You will reach for discogs yet still find no new information. You will ask a couple of mates who in turn ask you to hum as best you can, before immediately creasing up with your attempt - such is the scale of the task at hand

God speed to you, brave soul and wanderer in these heathen heartlands


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there;s plenty of people he hates besides you though. he hasn't singled you out.


Wild Horses
I'm quite a classic Dissensus trajectory in lots of ways. Pubescent rap enthusiast, suburban raver, to Oto Dad. Be interesting to see if I stick to that or deviate.


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his would actually be interesting unlike mine cos he was hearing stuff at world dance raves in oxford and dubstep clubs in bristol fucked out his nut on drugs plus bad taste is always more interesting than good taste