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I'd say listen to radio sets but even then probably pretty hard to get into in retrospect if you weren't paying attention at the time. A vibe destined to be lost to history forever probably.

@Corpsey knows, maybe one or two others on here, but I think it's seen as the ginger stepchild of the nuum by most

It wasn't around for long, dubstep seemed to be around for an age by comparison.

Benny B

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It was actually around for a good 4 years if you take it from 07 (when Apple emerged) to 2011 (funkystepz and a few others still putting loads of good stuff out). But yeah, didn't have the longevity of dubstep, unfortunately. But it did open up the London scene to the house and afrobeats stuff that came after, it just doesn't get the credit it deserves sadly and most people don't remember the radio sets where it was most at home.


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I mostly remember it being pulled into those mish mash sets of all sorts by people like Bok Bok, Brackles and Oneman, although Rinse had a few dedicated Funky DJs too, iirc.


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the records were impossible to get here, remember buying the Supa D. "Rinse: 03" mix cd. Not as much fun as listening to a live radio set but had lots of hits.


A bunch of people on here liked it. There was a huge rolling thread. It's just not as well liked or talked about as jungle, grime and garage.
Yeah in a way I guess that's what I meant. I never ventured into the specialist sections so I only read it when it came up in other contexts, and when it did it was my impression that it didn't get the same respect as those other ones.


@Corpsey knows, maybe one or two others on here, but I think it's seen as the ginger stepchild of the nuum by most
That's exactly the impression I got, that it was generally acknowledged even by those that liked it that it was not so original, shocking and vital as its predecessors - I felt that sometimes someone would be into it and be speaking up for it, but even while doing so they would seem a bit apologetic and preface their comments with something like "obviously I know it's not jungle". This is how it is in my mind, and while I admit that I got that idea while only half paying attention, this full-throated roar of passion undimmed by any shamefaced justification, from you and Greenie is refreshing.
All perception really isnt it, and probably some of it is the difference between viewing things online and being out and about in the city etc

The raves were great, so refreshing. That was the main thing that drew me to it
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Quite a similar sound is back at the moment, off the back of the amapiano stuff. Loads of DJs coming through

Obviously not the same thing but it is interesting to see people returning to it- still a lot to be done with the tempo

I had to upload this to youtube. I would have thought that one of the grime archivist lads on youtube would have gotten their hands on it by now, but I guess not. No-one really cares about music from South London historically do they. I think I have listened to this 1000 times.
Have probably said on here before- if not I have certainly droned on about it over the years elsewhere- but I always had a bit affinity for Essentials, living in South and trying to pick a home team as you do. No idea what the beat is on this, don't know the year (I'd guess 2003?), no-one cares, it's gone forever. There were two "Stop The Deck" tapes I think; I'm sure I had one that was a studio set but fuck knows where that is. A hard drive somewhere.
But what a flow K Dot had, loads of energy and charisma. Really simple beat, quick one-take vibes, out and done. They had some really good sets on Deja and later Rinse, but by 2005 it was all over I think? I have met Jendor a few times, he's a good lad. Don't know K Dot. One of those "Sheffield" MCs stole his name later.

Despite what it says on the video, it isn't Flukes- Wifey Riddim, is it. Doesn't even sound like it other than it being pitched up two octaves. 82 is joint honours.
Despite already posting Wiley & Dizzee in here I think the best thing about these early eras is the little bit part players and odd vocal styles, the people who were never ever going to "make it" in a traditional sense but end up being little historical footnotes for idiots like me to talk about twenty years later and insist they were great. That's what it was about, really. Low bitrates on old phones, underweight 8ths.
Kraze is one of them really, how many oddball high-pitch MCs do you hear knocking about these days in the era of fake growly New York MCs. Russ Millions has a weird voice I guess.
You can listen to more of his stuff on the compilation thing silverdrizzle put together a while back. He has got a good Joyride vocal too

Was trying to figure out which Black Ops tune to post but they're all variations on the same thing anyway so lets just post loads of them. Is this cheating? Who knows. Let's just 81 is the whole label and move on.
Sparse bass style of grime much better than all the complicated gear.

Dread D is of course T Williams later on
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Funny how you can associate a tune with a DJ or a style, really. To me this will always be a Spyro tune, namely the Sunday shows on Rinse, where this cropped up for years at least a couple of times a month, all different blends and routines. Great tune for grime DJ chopping really, loads of different ways to approach it.
I think Spyro was probably the best grime DJ on radio in the end. Mak10 had his big peak but he disappeared, Slimzee was cool but went too breakbeat etc in the end before fucking off. Spyro though had a run for about 10 years where he was pulling off the most mad technical shit going, trying for 100 tunes in 100 minutes, all that mad stuff.
The blend between this tune and Funky Flex on the Rinse:07 is the one really but any minimal bleepy thing will do.

Don't know much about this lad really but his discogs is full of non-famous UK garage records from over the years, lots of radio things that never broke out into folklore etc. Got a good nostalgic soundcloud; should get him to do his 100 probably better than mine.

Just googling around and turns out he made this one as well, strange the way things overlap- i own this without even knowing it was him.
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79 / 78

Not necessarily the correct numbers if I were to give it that much serious thought but something has obviously twigged in me today; and the minimalism of Last Man Standing is as good a segue into Musica Esporadica as any club tune could be in 80s Spanish minimalism so whatever. These two records have become inseparable to me now.

My granddad died late 2021- though I always called him by his first name, which we'll leave out. That's a hangover to when I was a kid, which I never shook; he had a heart attack when I was very young, 3 or 4, and I was in the house all the time as he recovered, it started then. My nan hated me using his name as it sounded like she "had a fancy man" when we were on holiday around people we didn't know. Odd these things. After the heart attack, to shield me from what actually happened, they told me he had tried to slide down the banister at home and fell off, which seemed to be enough for me, and I do vaguely remember joking about that; a very early memory. We used to go on big coach holidays with them to Spain, four or five years in a row before I started school. This is a jumble of thoughts but let's keep typing.
There was always music around the house with my grandparents, loads of classic scouse stuff but also weird collectable relics, too- he had been in the merchant navy as a kid, as had a lot of lads from the coastal ports I guess; the Americas, India, a bit of Eastern Asia. Brazil and Argentina were the places to go for him, apparently- I have yet to do either, though I will one day, even if they won't be the places he knew. So loads of latin music and also loads of soul and disco, Chic, AWB, Earth Wind & Fire etc etc.
I think growing up in a musical house- even if no-one could really play- means that there is a good energy to things. I would hate to have grown up in silence. Their house was the party house before I was born, late 70s cheap package travel to Spain meant parts of the world opening up again for my granddad so they were fucking right off, coming back with big suitcases full of duty-free and big stocked booze cupboards. Get everyone round, lash the records on, plow through the booze. My nan's notoriously big measures. Christmases when I was young were the same, all based around that kitchen table, loads of comings and goings, no wonder I have had my booze issues over the years; wanderlust
Anyway; covid got hold of both of them (the other side passed years ago, I was in my teens then and maybe it doesn't register as much), my nan first and him second. He beat the rona, though, even if my nan didn't, and managed to keep on going for another year, but it clearly beat the shit out of him.
Grief is a weird thing. With my nan it was a lot more immediate, I lost the plot in the hotel we stayed in completely. All day wake drinking, the weird trauma and then a half-empty chain hotel on the waterfront; but- three days and it was gone. After he passed, though, it coincided with a bit of NDA gardening leave from wherever it was I was working at the time, so I had this month to sit around and tie up loose ends; probably a spike of online activity for a bit. I started writing a book that I haven't finished. etc
Anyway: I started going through his old records- my auld fella got the vinyl but everything is streaming now anyway- and the Santana albums brought out these weird flashbacks of being a kid with them all, I think my dad had Moonflower and Abraxas in the car, they must have been records my nan & granddad played round the house when I was very young too. After talking about all this with other members of the family the Santana stuff was put down as a footnote, really; hungover sunday gear. But whatever, different things to different people- these are vivid childhood memories rushing back here. Oye como va
The only times I've ever felt any kind of connection with some kind of spirituality is through drugs like most normal people; herculean acid intake in my teens had me convinced that we die and become the wind, the clouds are big spirits dragging lads around, if you see one that looks like a dog then it was a serious dog spirit, all that.
I don't quite believe that sober- or anything, really- but I was in an altered state late one Friday going through all this music and Transendence came on and it hit me like a ton of bricks, not quite a flashback- I've never had an acid flashback, thankfully- but certainly some kind of mental jolt that fully exceeded what you would expect from what I was actually upto, even if it was late, I'd overdone it, and the missus was in bed. etc.
Anyway I had to turn it all off after that because it was too much for me, really; the lyrics, especially, all that. I had bought Musica Esporadica a few weeks before and had to use that as a palate cleanser. It is a very zen record; stasis. After that I was alright and I think I had a nightcap and went to sleep.
The next day I did try out Transendence again, it didn't have the same effect thank god but it is a great record. Unbelievable mixdown.

They are in reverse order here because it will fuck up the playlist sequencing otherwise. God knows why I started thinking of this today but now it is here and it may not remain up as I don't like putting myself online these days really.


bandz ahoy
Amazing stuff, this is the top 100 i didn't ask for but thank god somebody else did

re: funky sets, i uploaded these to YT, pretty sure benny gave me the mp3s (or someone else off here?)

77 / 76

Let's get out of that with a 1990 proto-juke tune from Brazil that holds a similar vibe- almost feels a bit like that ambient jungle stuff- and keep the tempo to go into DJ Spinn- All I Feel. Don't really listen to much juke now but it was such a culture shock when it turned up that it needs to go in here somewhere; I love this track, it sounded great in altered moods, and means I can go straight into some soul-sampling Max B as we get to 75.

NB- I am reluctant to call this a "top" 100 as I am just making it up as I go along. We may get to the end and realise I have missed lots, or I may not get there. We'll see.