75 - 73

If i make it to 100 there will probably be more Max but you know how it is, everyone's got to dip into the wave every now and again
I remember being at a party early 09 and there was some pissed up Essex bird in the garden, early morning, talking down the phone saying I'm so wavey right now, and thought wow Max is really cutting through
I was obviously a bit more naive then but he did seem like the biggest rapper in the world to us in our little music bubble back then. Everything so luxurious, even with prison looming, occasionally buying half bottles of grand cru from those encyclopedic offies on Kingsland High St.
Some people don't get it- i played Baby I Wonder on the work stereo one Friday last summer and it went down like a lead balloon but you had to be there I guess


bandz ahoy
Three stellar choices there, Why You Do That would definitely be a contender for my favourite Max B tune.

I was late to the party, getting into rap in 2010 and probably discovering Max B via realniggatumblr (RIP Yams).

And as with Gucci Mane I got the classic tapes off datpiff and was duly besotted.


bandz ahoy
Nb- I am reluctant to call this a "top" 100 as I am just making it up as I go along. We may get to the end and realise I have missed lots, or I may not get there. We'll see.

I think this is probably the only way to approach this, really. Nobody who loves music in the obsessive way dissensoids do can possibly boil things down to 100 best. That's actually one of the interesting things about these threads - what people make of the loosely defined task.
72 - 70

Lets pick up the pace a bit, some more funky bangers.
I cant believe Sami Sanchez- Dirty Trumpet isn't on youtube, its sickening that it isn't; maybe there wasn't a digital of it? My BM copy is smashed to bits I won't lie. Not sure if you remember Sami or not but he had two massive tunes, this remix, all killers, then got jumped outside his own single launch, went briefly into a coma, never made a tune again
Conan Liquid tune was actually an American lad but Marcus Nasty used to bang it out, we were shocked when it turned out that it was a yank tune but also it meant i could go into the big HMV on Oxford St & buy it so that was good. Defected Miami 08
Lastly, a French tune adopted by the London pirates. My mate went to see him in Pacha 2008 and said he was brilliant but i didn't go.

Was going to be crude with 69 but lets go romance instead. Kind of a new one to me because I only got into it last year because of Supa D, but its some South African tune from 2014 when i was paying no attention to any of this
There's a really good Supa D b2b Wigman set somewhere on soundcloud (and in here I think) where they cut out the tune and you can hear all the girls singing "FALLINNN" at the top of their voice. Probably Clapham High Road on a Wednesday, rammed

Do you remember at the height of funky when you couldn't put Supa D on a flyer because of Form 696 and they had to put mad variations on his name if they wanted to book him. What a fella, legendary DJ really


bandz ahoy
It had a sample of a woman saying "what what what what" and a big bassline, topsee et al MCd over it on a or many petchy set/s


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Can't find it, maybe Benny will remember.

Depressing to see how few views DJ petchy/topsee/shantie/Rankin sets have on YouTube.

That period just after funky had been threatening to blow up (the big crazy cousinz tune etc.) had some amazing tunes and sets. I do remember feeling aggrieved that it was all being ignored for the most part by dance music media.

Was it the music, or that there wasn't the label/PR structure behind it to latch onto?

It seems like it kind of collapsed on the underground level too, though, or maybe just mutated into more straight forward house for a while. (And of course there was deep tech.)

But of course as you pointed out earlier it's never really gone away and the amapiano stuff is (from what I can tell as a distanced observer) buzzing.

Sure knowledgeable ppl like @trilliam could correct my ignoramus account of things.


bandz ahoy
Never made it to a real funky rave as far as I remember, but I have very fond memories of various funky tunes being dropped at things I went to, not least the UK funky summer rooftop parties in Bristol, where my mate dropped crazy cousinz meleka remix and the crowd not least me went apeshit